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Many men and women experience lost volume, increased wrinkles, and decreased skin elasticity in their face as they age. Dr. Alan Wise and Dr. William Weber of Bloomington, Indiana, help adults feel their best with Botox and filler treatments. At Plastic Surgery Associates of Southern Indiana, you can achieve your goals and feel more youthful with Botox and fillers.

Botox and Fillers Q & A

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How do Botox and fillers work?

Botox® is a safe injectable substance derived from natural botulinum toxin that temporarily paralyzes muscles under the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and creases. Since the underlying muscles are relaxed, the wrinkles don’t seem as prominent.

Over time, with repeated Botox injections, muscles may learn to stay relaxed, and wrinkles may diminish on their own over time.

Other dermal fillers, such as Juvederm®, add volume to the face including the cheeks and lips and smooth out wrinkles and fine lines. Dermal fillers can help you regain lost fullness and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

What types of Botox and fillers are available?

There are a variety of injectable treatments available to treat your aesthetic concerns. Some of the treatment options include:

  • Botox: An FDA-approved injection that can temporarily smooth frown lines and wrinkles.
  • Restylane®: A Dermal filler that builds volume in the skin to ease facial wrinkles and folds.
  • Juvederm: A hyaluronic acid filler which builds volume and softness in lips, cheeks, and targets wrinkles.
  • Volbella®: A filler that boosts volume and smoothes lines in the lips.
  • Voluma®: A cheek filler that effectively lifts and contours cheeks that have lost volume due to aging.
  • Radiesse®: A filler that smoothes wrinkles by stimulating your own collagen production for long-term results.

The team at Plastic Surgery Associates of Southern Indiana can create a custom treatment plan addressing your needs with the right combination of treatments.

What can I expect when getting Botox and fillers?

Botox results usually last around four months, after which the injections are repeatable. Filler results can last several months to a year, and typically can be repeated safely to achieve your desired effect.

Ready to explore your Botox and filler options? Book online or call today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Alan Wise and Dr. William Weber at Plastic Surgery Associates of Southern Indiana to start your journey towards feeling more youthful.

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